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Hello, SnapChat freaks, Today in this post, we’ll tell you how to get More Filters on Snapchat. Using this tricks you can get all the SnapChat which are not available in your region.

For anyone who uses Snapchat knows how important the Snapchat filters are. Snapchat filters are the life of this social media app and if they were to be removed, the app will certainly all its charm. Snapchat regularly brings new filters according to the wishes of the users and events taking place globally.

Snapchat includes filters that were there since the beginning like the crown filter. These are most loved by the users and so they are available all the time. However, some filters appear from time to time and some new ones are also added for a limited period of time. There are geo-filters also included in Snapchat as well as other context based filters.

How to Get More Filters on Snapchat

How to Get More Filters on Snapchat

How to Get More Filters on Snapchat:

We’ve prepared a guide in which we will tell all about SnapChat Filters. Like How to enable SnapChat Filters, How to get all the SnapChat Filters, How to Change Filters, Use more than one SnapChat Filters etc.

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How to Enable Snapchat Filters?

If you have been a regular user of Snapchat, then you must know how to enable these filters. For the new comers, here is a quick guide to how you can enable filters in Snapchat.

Enabling filters is not a difficult task to do.

  • Go to your Snapchat settings. Settings can be accessed differently from different mobile devices. It can be accessed by tapping on the Bitmoji icon if you use one. It can also be accessed by swiping down the camera screen or by tapping on the Settings icons on the top right of the app.
  • Inside Settings menu, scroll down and tap on ‘Additional Services’ > ‘Manage Preferences’.
  • This will take to your snap preferences.
  • Here, make sure the ‘Filters’ option is enabled.
  • Now, turn on ‘Travel mode’ which is really helpful in saving battery life while you use the app.

How to Change Filters?

When you click a photo through snapchat’s camera, you have the option to apply different color filters to it. There are four different color filters always available to you to brighten up the photos before posting them to the story.

Then there are some other filters too that can be applied by simply swiping right or left on the screen after you have taken a photo. These filters are contextual with geolocation, time and date, temperature and altitude.

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How to use more than one Snapchat filter?

If you ask is it possible to use more than one Snapchat filter on your photo then the answer is absolutely yes. However, there is a limitation to that; you can only use two filters at a time. Here is how you can do that;

Click a photo and then swipe to select filter number one. Then, press your thumb on the screen and keep pressing while you use the other finger to swipe to the second filter. Snapchat will brilliantly mix these two filters to give your photo an amazing effect.

Here is another secret filter tip that most people do not know yet. While you use a time and date or temperature filter, you can tap on the screen to change the options for example date and time format, etc.

Augmented Reality Filters:

The spotlight for Snapchat in the recent times has been its AR filters. The idea comes from the AR of Pokemon GO and Snapchat uses this technology to calculate your location and time to place an object on the screen which will appear like it is a part of your real world.

The main difference between normal filters and AR filters is that AR filters are applied before you click the shot.

There are many other filters that you can have fun with including animal filters that will transform you into an adorable animal. Another filter is the friend’s filter which will have you and your friend take the photo together using the same filter.

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Custom Geo-filters:

If you are up for paying a few bucks to the app, you can also avail the option to create custom geo-filters for any events or announcements.

  • The option to create custom geo-filters is right there in Snapchat Settings> Custom Geo-filters.

These were some of the ways you can get more filters on Snapchat. Stay tuned to get more updates regarding more filters and custom lenses and how to create custom lenses and share with your friends.

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