Record a Slow motion Video with Any Smartphone or Tablet

Learn how to Record a Slow motion Video with Any Android and iOS Smartphone or Tablet. In today’s age, we all have access to our smartphones and it also gives us the facility to capture all of our life’s moments from our phone’s camera. It has really made it simple for

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For most of the torrent fans, closing down was a big shock. However, a bigger shock was when the users were not able to access site as well. If you are also one of the users trying to access the website, then you must know that, just

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How to hack Wi-Fi using your Android smartphone – Tutorial

hack Wi-Fi using your Android

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could hack the Wi-Fi using your Android smartphone? Well, it is not just possible to hack Wi-Fi using Android but is also quite a simple thing to do. Many of the hackers among us must have used kali Linux

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Best Free Video Converters | Windows & Mac 2018

Best Free Video Converters

Best Free Video Converters for Windows & Mac 2018. Have you ever received a video that your player did not support? There are so many scenarios where we have to convert one file format to another and that is where the video converters one in handy. A video converter is an

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*New* Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking – 2018 | 100% Workinng

Best CMD commands used in Hacking

If you are a beginner at hacking and want to know the Best CMD commands used in Hacking, this is an ultimate guide for you. I have compiled the most important and best CMD commands in Windows that you should know. Here is a brief overview of what CMD is.

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What is the difference between Linux and UNIX?

difference between Linux and UNIX

You can easily find the main difference between Linux and UNIX. Go ahead and keep reading and you’ll get the clear picture of the difference between Linux and UNIX. Linux and Unix are two important names that you might have come across when looking into operating systems. While Linux is more popularly

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GoMovies is dead; Top 3 Alternatives to GOMovies 2018

op 3 Alternatives to GOMovies formerly knows as GOMovies taken down. Here were are providing the Top 3 Alternatives to GOMovies 2018. The news is out that one of the most popular and favorite online movies streaming website is shutting down. The owners of the website have announced it although not giving a solid reason for doing

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*New* 5 Best Torrent Alternatives for Torrentz Meta Search Engine – 2018

Alternatives for Torrentz

Here are the 5 Best Torrent Alternatives for Torrentz Meta Search Engine. All of these Alternatives for Torrentz Meta Search Engine are working. The most popular and favorite torrent website,, is dead since quite long now. What made the website popularly was not the fact that it was a torrent website

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