Top Best TV Series about Hacking and Technology – 2018

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Here are the Best TV Series about Hacking and Technology for those who love to enjoy hacking.

If you are a technology freak, enthusiast or a hacker yourself then some TV series might just prove to be a teaser or inspiration for you. Hacking is an entire genre of movies and TV series based on mind boggling stories of real life hackers and those geniuses sitting infront of the computer screens.

In this article, I have tried to compile the Best TV Series about Hacking and Technology that is a must watch for fans of this genre. Where previously war and action/adventure was a favorite genre, the one gaining all the spotlight now is hacking and technology. There are so many brilliant shows produced under this category and some are surprisingly quite accurate as well.

Best TV Series about Hacking and Technology

Best TV Series about Hacking and Technology

Mr. Robot:

Mr. Robot portrays a war against the evil corporations where a group of hackers joins hands to penetrate high-end security. The TV Series is inspired by Elliot who was a security professional but a hacker at night.

The IT Crowd:

The IT Crowd

Second in the list is the IT crowd from back in 2006-13. The Tv series belongs to the genre of comedy and showcases a witty sense of humor around the two main characters of the TV series who are IT nerds.

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Silicon Valley:

Silicon Valley

Ever wondered what goes inside the Silicon Valley? This entertaining Tv series will tell you the intensity of competition between the techies inside the Silicon Valley and how the underdogs excel in what they do and leave the qualified far behind.

Person Of Interest:

Person Of Interest

Another must watch TV series is Person of Interest and you might have heard the name before. The TV series is about how an intelligent programmer builds artificial intelligence and is used to fight against the criminals.



The story brings a lot of suspense and drama as a billionaire goes missing and comes back completely changed into a new person.



This TV series portrays the life of Walter O’Brien, who is a computer expert. The story revolves around different situations and scenarios where he uses technology to save lives, stop crimes and maintain peace.



This TV series throws light on a different perspective of the hacking world where a hacker manages to download the government secrets into his brain and in return, his life gets under threat.

These were the best TV Series about Hacking and Technology which show many sides of the complex and brilliant hacking world.

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